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Meet Ripley

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Cats got my heartstrings

It's happened. The cat I've been wooing and leaving food for has finally let me pet them. They are so soft and kind. Wounding around my legs after I finished refilling their food bowl, they won my heart.

We went from curious stares to full on snuggle fests within days. I named them Ripley, which they seemed to accept readily with some pets of course.

It's been a very long time since I've had a pet.

Schatzie, my dog, lived a short and tragic life that broke me in too many ways.

Friends Fly-by

Another reason this week has been great is that my pals came to visit. Justin and Laura flew in for a weekend of beer and board games. It was a much needed weekend, but I must confess it churned the first bit of homesickness within my heart.

Moving to a new state, far from family and friends, throwing my old career aside to build a brand new one, its all been a bit...INSANE. I don't regret it. This is the happiest I've ever been. I live in the woods with the love of my life, I write stories and daydream as part of my job. It's breathtaking and terrifying.

There are some family members that doubt me. Some pick and prod, some just stare at me when I speak about being an author like I'm growing extra limbs.

It all stings.

But I push forward.

Because this life is mine, and I will live it as I choose.

Merry & Bright

Yule decor is now in full swing and my living room looks more like a living room than a pile of boxes. We've been acquiring pieces of furniture slowly and this house is feeling more and more cozy with every moment I spend in it.

Darkness is coming.

With every passing day we make our way toward the longest night. It's a hard time for many. A time of self reflection and hibernation, nostalgia, grieving and loss.

During Samhain I find myself missing the family that has passed on, while Yule stirs cravings for those who are too far away to touch.

Stay safe and warm. And happy writing.

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