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The Witch of Fire and Shadows:  A Burning Bloodlines Novel

The Witch
of Fire and Shadows

Novel ONE of the Burning Bloodlines Series

It wasn't supposed to be her.

In the realm of Ardburn, where shadows dance and flames flicker, a young witch named Maeve Stein is thrust into a role she never wanted. The weight of her bloodline, once shouldered by her aunt, now rests upon her own shoulders as a family tradition takes a sinister twist.

As witches mysteriously vanish, their absence leaving behind only whispers of malevolence, the Council, a gathering of ruthless leaders of the paranormal courts, demands answers. With the fate of her kind hanging in the balance, Maeve embarks on a perilous quest to unravel the twisted threads of her world.

In this dark fantasy of elemental magic and secrets, Maeve's journey becomes a crucible of courage and power. Will she emerge as a beacon of light or succumb to the allure of darkness?

"The Witch of Fire and Shadows" weaves witchcraft, political intrigue, and the quest for truth. Allies blur with enemies, and secrets hold the key to salvation or ruin. Maeve must discover her strength and navigate a treacherous path to save her kind from impending doom.

The Witch of Fire and Shadows


TWOFAS is the first in its series and is a paranormal tale of elemental magic, supernatural courts, and unfolding secrets.

Some themes include:

Vampires, Magical Heroine, Shapeshifters, Found Family, Bisexual Heroine, and Coming of Age



  • Anxiety

  • Blood (emesis)

  • Bullying

  • Death

  • Fire

  • Gore

  • Occult

  • Loss of bodily autonomy 

  • Murder

  • Panic attacks

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