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The Witch
of Fire and Shadows

Novel ONE of the Burning Bloodlines Series

It wasn't supposed to be her.

Aunt Petra was next in line to be the Coven Elder, but a family tradition changed all of that. Now the weight of the Coven rests on Maeve's shoulders. Despite growing up as a witch in the public eye, Maeve built a place for herself here in her hometown of Ardburn. Her Mom acts in her stead as Coven Elder until the Council, a group of the other court leaders, deems her fit to take her title and lead.

The other courts have shown no sign of following the witches' steps in coming out to humans, but they’ve found some peace with the other supernatural beings by creating the Council. Together, they have established rules for us all to abide by.

Then witches started disappearing.

With the Council pressuring the Coven for answers, questions are piling up, and the precious life Maeve built here is cracking under the weight.

But what will remain after the search for answers is over?

TWOFAS is a tale of elemental magic, supernatural courts, and unfolding secrets.


★The Witch of Fire and Shadows

is the first book in the Burning Bloodlines Series.★

TRIGGER WARNINGS: This book contains graphic violence and adult language.



This book contains graphic violence, and adult language.