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Bri Mooney is a wordy witch of dark fantasy, magic and myth. She loves to delve into myth and folklore, bringing monsters and heroines to life in her books with a tinge of grey morals and a shimmer of romance. 

Born in New York, she is used to the obscurity of city living and feeling lost in a crowd. She now lives amongst the trees in North Carolina. During her spare time, Bri is a bookworm, serial hobbyist, horror movie enthusiast, gamer, and travels the world with her partner.

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Orange County, New York, USA
Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto, Japan
Buddhist Temple, Mt Koya, Japan
Lake Kawaguchi, Japan
Glacier in Iceland

What I Use:

Writing the Book

Scrivener: for daily writing

Google Doc's: for writing on the go

Publishing the Book

Amazon KDP: eBooks & Paperbacks

Google Play: eBooks

Draft2Digital: for eBooks 

Editing the Book

ProWritingAid: for basic grammar & punctuation

AuthorAI: for a deeper dive

Hemmingway: for a look at reading age

Media for the Book

Affinity Photo: for covers and media

EnvatoElements: for assets

Formating the Book

Affinity Publisher: for paperbacks

Atticus: for eBooks

Calibre: to edit, view, and convert files

Marketing the Book

*FussyLibrarian*: for paid newsletter promos 

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