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I'm searching for readers for my ARC Team!

Let me Explain what that means for you...

I'm Bri Mooney, an Indie Author who is looking to build a team of readers for my books.

Not to buy my books! I'm looking for readers who enjoy the types of stories I write and would like to become a real part of my process and book journey. As a part of my ARC team, you'd receive an advanced reader e-book copy of each of my books before they're published. I'll even throw in copies of my already published books!

First, a little more about me and my books. 

My name is Bri Mooney, I'm the wordy witch of dark fantasy, magic, & myth. You'll find dark themes in my books. I love taking bits and pieces of myth, stringing them together with my own chaos, and creating fresh takes on stories.


Things you'll find in my books:

  • Angels, Covens, Cults, Deities, Demons, Fae, Ghosts, Gods, Hybrids, Shifters, Vampires, Witches

  • Diverse Casts, Fast Paced Plots, Morally Grey Characters, Myth & Folklore Inspired, Steamy Slow Burn, Queers Characters

  • Adult Language, Graphic Violence, Murder & Death, Sexual Situations

(If none of that sounded appealing, then my books are probably not for you.)

What do you need to be on my ARC team?

A love for books, specifically the kind that I write.

That's basically it.

What do you have to do?

Once you're on the team, you'll receive emails with links to download my books. The goal is for you to read it and review it once you're done. Honest reviews are what we're aiming for.

I'm aiming to send one book out every month or tweo

And with that in mind...

Books, like all art, is subjective. That being said, I welcome honesty and criticism about my work as it helps me to grow as an author. I've collected every star rating, and I will never be anything but grateful for them because they show that someone took the time to read and review my book.

This isn't that. Giving away books for honest reviews is my preferential way to find my audience, because it removes the pay gap for people who may not be able to afford books while at the same time offering me insight and exposure for my work.

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