Swallow the Moon

A Bloodless Saga

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Olaf tore centuries of peace to shreds the moment he became the new King of Vampires. He set loose Vampires to hunt shifters to the brink of extinction. Humans are only safe during the day. Any vampire who questions the regime is swiftly silenced.


Supplies are low. Their numbers are dwindling. Garrus is the last thread binding the revolution with his father, the General's death. When survival hinges on uniting the humans and shifters against a common enemy, Garrus hatches a plan that could take down the vampire regime and avenge his father, but it might just cost him his life.


Sigríð’s been biding her time. Having forged herself into the deadliest vampire the world has ever known, her reputation is a thing of legends. As the plan she set into motion centuries ago reaches a critical point, she has never been closer to achieving her sole purpose--vengeance.

Agendas collide at the vampire Queen's livestock auction. A risky move sees Sigríð saving Garrus from the queen's clutches. Little does she know that she just set them on a path that could leave both of their plans in ruin. What will happen as their worlds collide?

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STM is a stand-alone book with dual POV featuring a paranormal tale of vampires and shifters in a dystopian setting. Some tropes are enemies to lovers, forced proximity, one bed, and why choose.


This book contains graphic violence, sexual situations, and adult language.