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Dusk Undone

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Ascent from Death


Dusk Undone: Ascent from Death


Dusk Undone is a paranormal mystery romance set in the same universe as the DESCENT INTO HELL series.

Some tropes include: a Bisexual Heroine, Found Family, MMF, One Bed, Revenge, Trauma, Whoodunnit, and Why Choose




  • Anxiety

  • Assault

  • Blood (emesis)

  • Car Accident

  • Death

  • Demons

  • Heaven

  • Hell

  • Kidnapping

  • Mention of physical abuse

  • Murder

  • Panic attacks

  • PTSD

  • Sexually explicit scenes

  • Selective Mutism

  • Survivors guilt

“Dusk Undone” features a strong heroine unraveling mysteries in a paranormal world and romance found in the “DarkFever” series mixed with the action, adventure, and quests for ancient artifacts and secrets found in “The Mummy” and the dark humor and stories of afterlife similar to “Beetlejuice”. It is a paranormal, dark fantasy, romance in an urban setting where humans and the supernatural are slightly known to one another. Themes include, a murder mystery, violence, and adult situations, this adult book is not suitable for readers under 18. Please check the Reader's Advisory before reading.

Not even death can stop her.

Spoiler alert, Raeden died. How remains a mystery. All she remembers is the pain of her body as life was wrung from it.

With two reapers assigned to her case, Raeden is told she must remember in order to be evaluated so she can ‘move on’. Which means she’s being sent back as a revenant, a body without a soul attached.

While solving her own murder is fun and all, Rae has never been a stickler for the rules. The more she learns about who she is, the more she’s drawn to solving an even more important puzzle…the key to immortality. But everyone who offers a hand seems to want something in return…

"Dusk Undone" is a tale of death and rebirth. As a why choose romance, this story deals with different topics of inclusion and diversity as Raeden traverses being having both autism and ADHD with her otherworldly companions. Prepare for the unexpected twists and chaos that life, and death, bring in this intriguing tale.

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