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Warning: These books contain dark elements that are only for adults age 18 and over.
IF you are not over 18, please come back when you are. 

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Moral Complexity Meets Mayhem

Readers often say my books aren't like anything else they've read before.

Which fits. My characters are morally gray, neurodivergent, and queer. They're living in intricate, magical worlds filled with mystery and myth. Fast paced and with high stakes, these books won't allow you to put them down. 

Schedule & Updates

Spring 2024


Pen name launch - stay tuned for announcements!

More books to come after I get my head on straight with the pen name.

Ghouls Gate Project, A shared universe with fellow authors

Status: Check back for more updates

LitRPG, I've had this in my brain for a bit now

Status: Drafting bit by bit...its a big world

An image of all of my books so far
An image of all of my books so far
An image of all of my books so far
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