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Warning: These books contain dark & sexy elements that are only for adults age 18 and over.
IF you are not over 18, please come back when you are. 


Swallow the Moon

Do you like the Underworld series? Or Daybreakers? Swallow the Moon has those vibes and more. The future is bleak and awful with vampires who've taken over the land in the last few decades. Humans are on the verge of extinction and a war is brewing between human rebels and vampire dictators.
AND THERE'S A LOVE STORY?! WHAT? Sigrid and Garrus struggle their way through survival, coexisting with an enemy, to a love befitting a vampire story. Their relationship is also complex, with Sigrid having a lover who isn't tossed to the wayside but introduced in a way that implies poly and makes the reader hopeful for a sequel featuring them all.
I've read Mooney's work before; this is one of her best books to date. I look forward to the next and hopefully we will see a sequel in the future!

Kira, Goodreads Review

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