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Warning: These books contain dark elements that are only for adults age 18 and over.
IF you are not over 18, please come back when you are. 

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Neurodivergent, Queer, & Morally Grey

Paranormal romance and dark fantasy where:

Themes are dark

Emotions are high

Friendships are strong

MC's are usually in their 30's

Heroes and villain's aren't obvious

The plot is fast-paced and myth based

Being strong does not equate to being cold

There will be trauma but also hope

Schedule & Updates

Summer 2023:

Moon Day Sale 7/19 - 7/21

Birthday Sale

August 6th is my birthday!

Swallow the Moon and Dusk Undone will be on sale

Third Earth Girl from the Sun 

Charity Anthology story To Cull A Swarm

Status: Released

Release: September

Fall 2023:

Devour the Sun, A Bloodless Saga Book 2

Status: Drafted at 60,000 words

Winter 2023: up in the air

A LitRPG is in the works because...why the hell not?

Status: Drafted at 3,000 words

Spring 2024:

Consume the Earth, A Bloodless Saga Book 3

Status: Being brainstormed

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