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What is it to be a writer?

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

I've been an avid reader and writer my whole life. As a child, I would evade bed, feign sleep and stay up til all hours of the night reading. Growing up in the '80s gave us that wild appreciation for the vintage. It led to my horror addiction as an adult and my wanderlust romance with all things supernatural.

I've read more books than I'll ever know. The creation of kindle books and the dramatic ease with which you can gain the literary word has been a most influential part of who I am. I am the child who would take out 7 R. L. Stine books from the library one day, devour them each in an hour or less, then return them the next day to take out 7 more.

In my youth attending school, they knew me for my tales. I had a group of friends in my homerooms who would expect my arrival and the new story I had to tell that day, all of which was inspired by my daily adventures around the small town I grew up in. I began writing these stories and ideas down but never shared them. The sheer volume of poetry, lyrics, short stories, and more that I've created is...troubling.

I say troubling because I don't share it. Fear is a major motivator in all we decide to do...or not to do. Fear of failure, of others mocking us and being bullied, fear even of success. Impostor Syndrome is a hell of a thing.

I am trying to move past my fear. This site, I'm hoping, will become a turning point by which I can share all that I create with like minds. I am taking up the mantle of writer, and soon, of author.

So enjoy. Try not to judge. And be safe out there.

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