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Seasons Greetings!

Celebrate good times!

This week has been one of celebration. My brother and sis-in-law came to visit us!! It's always a good time with them. We explored my new city, feasted for the holiday, played boardgames to our hearts content, let the kitty steal all of our hearts, and more. It was a wonderful time that I didn't realize I needed until they were here. I missed my family dearly.

Stay safe out there

I wish you a wonderful and safe season! Stay safe out there!!!

Witches are Missing

Mauve had the life she’d always wanted. Her bakery was a success, controlling her Fire magic was as easy as the pies she baked, and her fiancé was about to settle into a life with her. That was before the witches started vanishing without a trace; before her kind revealed themselves to the rest of humanity. Now, she’s forced to watch as everything she loves falls through her fingers and the ranks of witches dwindle. Even the bloodlines of the most powerful covens are on the verge of extinction. There’s only one question on her mind: where are the missing witches? As secrets unfold, Mauve doesn’t know who to trust. All she knows is that a storm is brewing - and she is at its epicenter.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: This book contains graphic violence, sexual situations, and adult language.

This book will be coming at you in February of 2022.

I've had a lot of delays. Moving to a new state, buying a house, building this career and creating a home from said house have kept me a little too busy and I haven't been able to keep my original deadlines.

Fallen Divinity will be coming out in the new year as well along with one of my other manuscripts. I'm not sure what the third book will be yet, but I promise there will be at least three releases from me.

So keep your eyes peeled!

Stay Safe and Happy Writing!

I love you all.

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