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Pre Release Week(s) Closing Time

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Tomorrow is the release of Fallen Divinity; Book two in the Descent into Hell Series.

2 weeks of pre-release shenanigan's are over and I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little tired.

I am exhausted.

We've got preorders lined up, paperbacks ready to be printed, and eBooks on sale.

What could be better?

Don't answer that.

Tomorrow I'll be doing a live with some author friends to talk about my books, and stuff.

So feel free to join in on the shenanigans via the TikTok.

Alright, now its time to talk about my master plan.

The Pre-release

This was my most successful pre-release so far and I want to share what I did.


Because I'm an indie author and I don't gate keep, that's why.

Bri's Pre-Release Details:

  • My pre-release was 2 weeks long because I didn't think I could mentally handle a longer one at this date and time

  • I did my call for ARC's and handed them out during this time. It was all automated, brilliant idea on my part

  • I posted on TT at least once a day but usually twice and made use of the stories function

  • All the sales data and goodreads data have been compiled into a spreadsheet so I can figure out what worked best

  • I set the first book in the series to FREE and the pre-order price at $0.99

What did this get me?

Well, over 600 downloads of my free book, a bunch of new reviews (see the video below) and over 50 preorders.

I'll have the final numbers tomorrow.

Not too bad considering I didn't pay a dime for ads yet.

Tomorrow sets into motion the next phase of my plan.


I will be updating on my Release Week after its complete, as well as the post-release week.

Happy writing!

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