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It still blows my mind

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Out the window to my left are the tops of oak trees. The fall leaves have turned color, and rain down on the gravel driveway with every breeze. Peppermint tea warms my soul as I take it all in.

The walls are dotted with bits of memory, collected over the course of my life. Words of inspiration, poetry and more. Every detail of this room, every corner is a morsel of me. With everyday I spend here, I am drawn into this place. The hooting owls and flying hawks, the fidgeting frogs and foraging squirrels. Its a life I've always dreamed of.

There's no interruption by voices, or sirens. No car horns. Just trees and wind. The thunderstorms are my favorite. The rain pelts our metal roof, strumming a rhythm for the crash of thunder that rolls and rattles across the earth unbroken.


It's feels like I'm in another world where witches are real and were animals hunt in the light of the full moon. With nights so dark, the stars can barely break it.

I'm so lucky to have people like you, who enjoy my stories. I'm grateful and thankful everyday.

Bookish News

The Witch of Fire and Shadows

Burning Bloodlines Series Book One

The Witch of Fire and Shadows will be born here, soon. I'm in the final edits before sending it to be proofread.

Fallen Divinity

Descent into Hell Series Book Two

Fallen Divinity will be next on my chopping block. Both will be released in December.

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