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★Fallen Divinity is book 2 in the duology of the Descent into Hell Series★

Releasing April 26th, 2022

Can you outrun fate?

Though there are still gaps in her memory, Aradia holds the reclaimed pieces of her life dear. Now she has love like she's never known, a kingdom she'll die to protect, and friends to help her face any obstacle before her. After centuries of solitude caged by lies, and a war that changed everything, all Aradia wants is time with her loved ones and to enjoy the peace she fought so hard for.

But something stirs in Hell.

The missing pieces hold secrets that could threaten everything. Dangerous questions have dangerous answers, and it's not just Aradia who will pay for her ignorance.

It turns out what she doesn't know won't just hurt her, but everyone she loves.

FD is a dark fantasy tale with gothic romance, found family, apocalyptic prophecy and morally-grey characters.

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This book contains graphic violence, sexual situations, adult language, and references to survivors' guilt & PTSD.

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